Dance Hall with “koupadlo”

Dance trough your life

Dance is one of the oldest movement activities and thanks to it each of us can express our feeling, mood or inner invisible soul. Put on some music, close your eyes and you're ready to begin...Everyone dances and it doesn't matter if you're a world-class professional, a beginner or a child.

We have space for everyone who lets themselves be enchanted by the brick columns, the view of the surface of the water or the sky through the white truss structure.

Dance Hall

In the Dance Hall you will find everything you need for professional and leisure training:

  • 9,5 x 12,5 m space
  • proffesional floor Graboplast profi (baletisol)
  • mirrors on two adjacent walls
  • ballet bars
  • 9 foldabla poledance bars with click (changing static and spin mode)
  • sound system with WI-FI internet connection, Bluetooth connection to any music source, DVD player and data projector
  • indirect and spot lighting, including colours
  • separate dressing rooms for dancers and dancers with lockers, shower and toilet
from  400 Kč od  550 Kč
(hall rental / 60 minutes) (hall entail with poledance bars/ 60 minut)

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(in the price)
(and not only that)
“lazebna” / hairdressing
(“u Kačky”)
(aka sweatshop)
hot tub
(with bubbles)

Captivated by the space

where you can fulfill your dancing and non-dancing dreams? Come and see for yourself that in our Dance Hall your dance steps will flow by themselves. And if you don't want to dance, it doesn't matter .... our hall is also suitable for all types of exercises (yoga, pilates, weight training....).


Koupadlo is the name taken for the original concrete pool that was located across the street below the bottom edge of the garden. We borrowed this beautiful first-republic signage from a postcard of the Amerika cruise hotel, dated 1933, and expanded its meaning into its present form to include a hot tub and sauna.

After a day trip, for a romantic evening for two, or just because you want to laze around.... in the sauna you will sweat out the day's fatigue and in the whirlpool you will wake up to complete relaxation. And the view of the unbeatable...

In addition, the cool salt water of the Koupadla will invigorate you after the sauna and refresh you beautifully on hot summer days.


sauna 480 CZK/ 60min hot tub 300 CZK / 30min

"koupadlo" is free of charge for guests of the guesthouse.

To check availability, please contact us at:

For the birth of the name "koupadlo"

is given as 1902, the original wording, which was a kupadlo. However, already in 1853, Chelakovsky's "Reading on Comparative Slavonic Linguistics" was published, where on page 140 it says: "kupadlo - better than plavárna".


Do you think your frisure is restless after dancing creations and needs to be adjusted? Try using the services of our hairdresser Kate, who will help you improve the already perfect image in the mirror of the Dance Room. Make an appointment and you will see.

Kačka Šobíšková

To check availability, please contact us at:

"Lazebník" – person who makes a living tough "lazebnictví"

This craft, now extinct, is nevertheless reviving in the Starý svět. "Lazebnictví" is an ancient craft that brings beauty, health and relaxation. Come to us to beautify and relax...

Dance Hall with “koupadlo”

m2 floor space
poledance bars
metre “koupadlo”

Amerika 9
259 01 Votice

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